We offer a wide range of inserts and holders for milling, turning, and threading. 

  • Endmills Down to .001″
  • Coolant-thru Drills down to 1.5mm
  • Micro drills as low as 1.5 thou 

Mills for every application. Whether you are milling steel, aluminum, or high-temp alloys we have a solution for you. 

We offer high performance deep hole drilling ideal for all materials.

Welcome to PCT Cutters Endmills and Drill Solutions

*We offer solid carbide reamers in a variety of shank lengths and diameters.

For cheaper long term tool cost we also offer a range of replaceable head and modular reamers. Fast and highly accurate tool changing avoids time-consuming and costly setting of the fit diameter, enabling work to continue immediately.  

Improved work efficiency with cutting speed an average of three times higher than carbide inserts. Longer tool life through excellent wear resistance.

A CBN insert can withstand the high cutting temperatures and forces and still retain its cutting edge. This is why CBN delivers long, consistent tool
life and produces components with excellent surface finish.