Regrinds cost approximately 1/2 that of a new insert; they give up nothing in terms of performance and can be treated as a brand new insert.

  • Relapping Inserts:This is the simplest and least expensive way of reworking your PCD & CBN tooling inserts. The wear on your insert is measured and we simply grind back your cutting edge to clean up the wear. Edge preps if any are reapplied and you get back a good as new cutting tool at the fraction of the price of a new one. You can also rellap your tool with out changing the IC, this tool can then be used in its original holder
  • Resetting Inserts:In this process the wear on your insert is measured and a shim of equal or greater size is placed behind the inserts tip. The original geometry of your tool is then ground back on giving you a brand new cutting tool.
  • Retipping Inserts:In this process we simply remove the used tip from its carbide body. A brand new tip is re-brazed to the tool saving you the cost of having to replace the body.

The purpose of regrinding (sharpening) is to make a used tool perform as effectively as a new tool. Although performance can be brought back to the original condition, tool life is (understandably) shorter because of the slight loss of material. The average life of a drill after regrinding is accepted to be about 50 to 70% that of the original life expectancy.